Saturday, February 28, 2009

Champs Club Theme Song!

For all of you kids out there...we have our "Champs Club Kidz " theme song ready. Ask your mom or dad to click on the link and give a listen and then you can sing along with all our kidz during the shows!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Najila Woodroffe

Now let's meet the KIDZ!

The Champs Club is made of a core group of 10 kids. And, each one of them has something they would like you to know about them. They have thought alot about what they want to tell you, and there sure is more information about them that you will learn from each show...but let's get by one!

Welcome to the Champs Club!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Champs Club! This is a place where you will have an opportunity to meet all of the champs club kidz who are part of our television series which we are filming about HIV/AIDS and viruses.
Each program will be about choices and attitudes and is not meant to teach children about all aspects of medical infomation known about HIV and AIDS.
The objective of the program is to provide a greater understanding about what HIV and AIDS is, how it is and is not transmitted, compassion for a person with HIV/AIDS, and information to help them make sound choices regarding their individual behavior.
We hope that you will follow us as we all get to know each other and learn about viruses and germs and all that kind of 'icky stuff' !